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Scream Laboratories is a design and manufacturing company based in the UK.

The Company was founded to offer extremely high quality electro-stimulation products to people involved in media creation and to electroplay enthusiasts. In 2019 the Company launched its flagship product, the Model X1 Interrogator unit.

  • MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN - All products are manufactured in the UK in small batches. This allows us to closely control all stages of the manufacturing process in order to achieve the highest possible quality.
  • EXCELLENCE THROUGH DESIGN  - We take it as a challenge to make any new product the best that it can be. We design and source custom made components where standard items involve compromise. Our products are designed for long service life using the best quality parts. We design for aesthetics and function and to international standards for safety.
  • COMMITMENT TO RESEARCH - Scream Laboratories is committed to ongoing research and development. We are constantly testing new ideas and developing software enhancements to the Model X1.

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