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(posted on a Fetlife forum)
We have had this beautiful piece of engineering now for roughly two months and it has been the best addition to our kink life for a very long time. The [Model X1] box is an aesthetic pleasure and anything between a pleasure machine and a 'torture beast'.

We have used it for stimulation, which works fine with insertables. We have mainly used Electrastim dildos / plugs because they are split along their entire length instead of those which have a top/down split between the conductive material. There are four channels available, so there was always the opportunity to add some suction electrodes. Comparing the box with other electro toys is barely possible. It delivers a very smooth output and the different modes really let you sink into the flow of electric current. The app that is supplied together with the box lets you change between modes and is nicely designed and intuitive to use.

One can see (read) that we really enjoy the pleasure of electric stimulation this box provides, however, this is not even close to our amazement when it comes to electric 'torture'. This box is a beast, the first time we used the box my partner said her safeword before any current was flowing. All because of the included evil whistle which is very intimidating and which has only one purpose - to create fear. The pitch of the whistle follows the voltage and it can make you freak out. The psychological effects of the design are a product of pure evilness. We enjoy it very much.

If you reach the point of electric current being applied the fun continues. It can deliver one time shocks in different modes of severity but also a continuous current. The rate and frequency is fully adjustable and gives the one in control lots of options to prevent the other person to sink into the feeling. My favourite part so far has been the voice control via the microphone which is included. No gag has ever come close to the effectiveness of this combination. Again, the psychological effects match the superb craftsmanship and design. We love it!

If one dares there is an option to switch to a high power mode. As with the other features, this is nicely designed by turning a key and a red light showing the end of any fooling around. The shocks in high mode are nowhere near any other estim box I have used so far and really hurt a lot. I have not dared to go above 35% power in high mode on myself. So there is still lots of fun to explore.

Thank you, for this beautiful piece of engineering!

(posted on a Fetlife forum)
I got one of the [Model X1] units in one of the initial manufacturing batches. It's quite honestly one of the most powerful boxes I have ever used and photos don't do this thing justice. A lot of care has been put into it's design and the feel of the materials and it's construction ooze quality.

I have used a lot of power boxes. Usually I end up using most of them at the ends of their power ranges over time as they aren't designed to put out a lot of power. The medical style ones are usually better but not by much. This one brings power output to a new level. I have to honestly say there's no way I could max out this power unit in it's low power mode let alone the key activated high power mode.

This thing is a sadists wet dream. Just sitting there with the power off It's designed to intimidate. It's fully analog on the outside but on the inside it's full digital with bluetooth control over most of the functions inside. It comes with a cool 60cycle hum and a capacitor whine that changes pitch with the voltage selected. These can be turned up or down to intimidate your 'victim'. You can 'torture' your victim from the convenience of your phone to down and dirty on the knobs slowly cranking up the power or even delivering brutal jolts from the backlit button or even from a foot switch. Turning it on and having the hum and whine activating and the flashing lights on the panel activate before applying any power is like the gaze of a large predator. It sees you and it's ready to do what it does instantly making you apprehensive and afraid.

Power input comes from a 12 volt international wall wart. It has input terminals and can accept power from a car battery to add to it's intimidation factor. I'm thinking I might do the car battery option myself as nothing is more intimidating than someone rolling out a metal cart with car batteries on it. The wall wart is great for portability though and can get you going right out of the box.

(This was written after an initial trial following which the person purchased the first production unit)

[The Engineer] was kind enough to demonstrate the [Model X1] box to me in a few hours I had in between changing planes in London a couple of weeks ago. I don't really know where to start. Other than to say there is absolutely nothing like it. It's an amazing thing. It is quite intimidating to even look at. It's the size of a small suitcase and much larger than the usual erostim units. 

It is incredibly powerful. Imagine ten ET-312 Erostek units linked together and then double that to give four outputs and you have some idea what this can do. It is built primarily for brutal 'torture', not for sensual play, although some pleasurable play might just be possible at the very lowest settings. Just maybe.

Playing around with this on the key-operated (for safety) high voltage mode, with myself in control of the outputs, I took it up to about 40% - 50%. I had suction electrodes attached to my arm. The pain from this led my arm to spasm, and I then inadvertently moved the main control switch to 80%. That was not good. At that point I jumped about 100 feet, and that was enough for me. I don't think anyone would withstand this on full power for more than a second or two. It is certainly capable of breaking even the hardest masochists.

Other than that I can say that it's beautifully built. [The Engineer] showed me the internal workings of the unit, and the build quality is extraordinary. It's a labour of love, and you can see he's taken an "only the best" approach in terms of the design and components during the two years of work he's put into this.

I was particularly impressed with the audio circuit. This is very highly tuned to pick up the human voice. But other sounds it largely ignores. At maximum sensitivity, the audio circuit will pick up breathing. Which leads to all sorts of wicked potential.

Have no doubt, this is a masterpiece, built from thousands of hours of dedicated work by someone with passion who is deeply knowledgeable about design, electronics, and borderline/edge/CNC type SM. I'm truly grateful to [The Engineer] for allowing me to be one of the first to see the design and test it for myself. I can't recommend it highly enough. And, if all goes well, I hope to get one of my very own in the near future.

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